What does the company gain by having virtual walks in its offer?

Virtual walks are gaining more and more popularity nowadays. This technology enables the tour of the property, helping to recreate a realistic representation of reality. Let’s consider what are the benefits of having in the offer virtual walks or 3D visualizations?

1. Minimizing the risk makes it easier for the customer to make a decision

The purchase of real estate, especially from the primary market, is associated with high uncertainty among potential clients. It is hard to imagine the final effect of the property during construction by analyzing only plans and illustrative graphics. The virtual walk allows you to walk around the apartment and feel like you are on a traditional visit, which makes it easier to make a decision to buy a property. This gives the opportunity to carefully look at individual rooms and see what the already furnished rooms look like, and to assess whether the given area and layout of the apartment is suitable for us.

2. Time saving

Virtual walks and three-dimensional projects can save up to several hours for both clients and property owners. Getting to know the real estate online more carefully before making an appointment will attract potential clients who are seriously interested in a particular real estate.

3. Increased interest in real estate

Offers enriched with virtual walks have higher click-through rates, and such ads are 3 times more engaging in browsing. There are over 90% more calls from interested people when the offer includes a virtual tour.

4. Greater trust among customers

By supplementing the offer with such a tool, the company gains greater trust and engages customers more in its brand. This is a strong marketing aspect that gives you an edge over your competition.

5. Accelerate the sales process

It is estimated that the sale of real estate is approximately 31% faster when potential clients can analyze the property on their own thanks to a virtual walk. 3D visualizations also allow you to increase the sales price by up to 9% and contribute to an increase in the seasonal rental occupancy by almost 15%.

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