How does AR technology respond to growing customer expectations?

 According to the report “Customer Service Excellence 2021” by the consulting firm Deloitte, traditional ways of contacting customers are no longer sufficient. Over 73 percent of company representatives declare that one of their priorities for the next year is the development of the self-service channel, allowing customers to handle issues or solve problems on their own. This also applies to the real estate market, which even before the pandemic relied mainly on direct sales and product presentation in 2D. AR technology allows customers to become more self-reliant, in line with their expectations. The advantage in this regard is provided by several key advantages.  

Availability: To navigate the world of augmented reality, all you need is a smartphone with the specific application. Thanks to them you can present your offer online 24/7.  

Better understanding: The ability to see how products will present themselves in the real world helps to speed up the buyer’s decision to buy and reduces the number of possible complaints. 

 Presentation: Instead of traditional offer materials, we get a concrete – a 1:1 scale model that can be embedded in any surrounding and anywhere in the world. This solution enables to attract customers and sustain their interest.  

Understanding: AR technology allows objects superimposed on the camera image to scale and naturally embed themselves in the reality shown by the camera. This gives you the ability to walk around a 1:1 scale model, where one step in the real world corresponds to one step in the virtual world. 

These are just a few examples of the vast possibilities offered by augmented reality. This technology is supposed to add a new, informative dimension to reality. Tools using AR technology are already gaining recognition in the development industry. The most frequently asked questions about the possibilities of AR come from architectural companies, for which simulations in space prove to be invaluable. 

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