3D technology the future of real estate

The COVID-19 pandemic has already changed many aspects of our lives forever. It’s hard to return to the state we knew before. We’ve become accustomed to working remotely, ordering food on delivery, and wearing masks. Many of the changes occurring in commercial real estate will also never return to the way things were before the pandemic – but is that a bad thing?

The process of renting or buying a home, in its traditional form, involved personal visits to view the property. Today, such opportunities are very limited, but neither are they desired by customers.

“Virtual tours are a staple at this point,” – said Nick Romito, co-founder and CEO of commercial leasing platform VTS. “Eighty – two percent of tenants are not comfortable touring a space in person. If you can’t provide a digital way for people to understand the space, you can’t even play the game, let alone win,” he said. Visiting a dozen or dozens of locations to find the right one may be one of those practices that will be discarded forever.

3D walk-ins are growing in popularity. Potential customers appreciate the convenience of using mobile devices and not having to schedule visits that often involve traveling long distances by car. 

However, it is worth mentioning how many marketing benefits can be gained by companies opting for such technology. Among them are:

#1 Better understanding: most buyers and renters have difficulty understanding 2D architectural plans. 3D walkthroughs solve this problem, and well laid out walkthroughs allow users to fully understand the project and more importantly, the space.

#2 Presentation: 3D walks are one of the highest forms of content. They bring architectural plans to life by capturing every detail and layout in a photorealistic, immersive and accurate way. This type of content inspires confidence in potential buyers, tenants and stakeholders.

#3 Increased conversion: when it comes to running a marketing campaign, the ultimate measure is conversion rate. Recent research shows that 71% of marketers found video content to be more friendly to attracting new customers, with an industry average conversion rate of 4.8% for websites using video.

#4 Accessibility: by enabling a virtual walkthrough, you take away the fear of potential buyers and stakeholders from physically viewing your space. They allow you to showcase your space online 24/7 and cast a wider net with global reach.

Analyzing the benefits presented, it can be concluded that the proliferation of 3D technology in real estate presentation is an inevitable process. Undoubtedly, it brings a lot of advantages for sellers and buyers. Continuous work on improving the user experience is a sign of our times and the future of the industry. 

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